• 08 Aug 2023

    Single Point Diamond Turning, SPDT

    Using single point diamond tools to process soft metal materials to obtain mirror optical effects...

  • 27 Sep 2022

    Ultra-Thin Hybrid Lens & V-CUT

    We're glad to announce the upcoming launch of our new V-CUT lens. Having been working with many renowned customers, our experiecne and capability are enhanced at the same time. New V-Cut lens has more refined appearance with smaller and thinner overall size, lighter weight with better performance. By upgrading production capability, our lens is now more competitive in the market. High quality commercial lighting is essential to not only practical utility but also aesthetic interior design. Please feel free to message us via LinkedIn, official website or send e-mail to us, we would be glad to introduce more detail to you.

  • 27 Sep 2022

    CUQ / DZR / EMZ series

    Ensuring adequate lighting in industrial facilities is essential for worker visibility and overall plant safety, minimizing accidents. Designing lighting fixtures with our CUQ, DZR, and EMZ series could be more safety choices than ever. It's ideal for outdoor application with a waterproof gasket design and optical grade PC material for high impact resistance. When it comes to indoor and high transmission rate requests, PMMA material is available, too! This series is available from 12in1, 18in1and 24in1 lens arrays in industrial, available lens arrays in the street, and various angles.

  • 27 Sep 2022

    50x50mm lens

    If you looking for a good value Lens and distressed for this. Maybe you can try the LEDLINK 50x50mm lens. One of the bestselling optics from our standard range, it is available from 4 to 16 lens arrays (4in1~16in1), it can use various Distribution angles, and is applied to 3030,3535, and 5050 LED packages. We recommend applications: area, street, industrial, or anywhere if you need them.

  • 08 Jun 2022

    Waterproof lens

    Creating outdoor lighting fixture that requires waterproof design. Then one piece lens with potting or gluing on PCB could be one of best options. To fulfill landscape and architecture requirement, Ledlink brings a series of beam collection especially for wall washing type.

  • 24 May 2022

    CZP Windowsill lighting

    Turning an ordinary window into a quality and comfort atmosphere with our windowsill lens. Waterproof gasket available as optional accessory for outdoor use. There are 2 type of distributions available, one with sharp edge light; the other with softer border.


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