In addition to professional secondary optical design, Ledlink also has precision mould manufacturing technology to meet customers’ ODM, OEM, customize requirements or standard products. Our tooling department does mould design, mould manufacturing, sampling, testing production of the complete process to ensure that the mold condition at any time to achieve volume production needs!

Mould design

The accuracy of mould design and mould manufacturing relationship with the merits of the follow-up, modeling a more profound impact on the precision lens tryout sample results.

Mould equipment

LedLink precision tooling machines and measurement, 5 axis 60000 RPM Diamond turning machine, 36000 RPM CNC machines, Mirror effect electrical discharge machine, Wire cutting machines, Normal electrical discharge machines, Monthly capacity.

Accuracy of test mold

In response to demand for lenses, Ledlink grams demanding precision of each custom mold the structure and processing methods are different; in addition, each plastic lens material properties, volume size, structure, shape and other conditions are different. These are injection molding, we must consider the points. We each have exclusive master mold tooling, carefully care of the newly developed mould or mould of any state trial production, and R & D review meeting at any time, reduce the defective rate.