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Contact Point-Overseas

Country Name Phone Number Mobile Email
Taiwan Ryan +886-2-8227-6126#3112 +886-922-772-578
South America Jamie Wu +886-2-8227-6126# 3138 +886-973-555-217
North America Jamie Wu +886-2-8227-6126# 3138 +886-973-555-217
Japan Jane Wang +886-987-069-100
India Gordon Shen +886-2-8227-6126#3130 +886-905-289-157
Korea Jane Wang +886-987-069-100
Southeast/Western Asia Jane Wang +886-987-069-100
Russia/Turkey Amanda +886-2-8227-6126 #3102 +886-955-425205
South/East Europe Blair Lu +886-2-8227-6126#3197 +886-952-997-897
West & North Europe Stella Yu +886-2-8227-6126#3132 +886-987-699-226
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Contact point-China

Country Name Mobile Email
Dong-Guan Factory 呂俊儀George +86-186-8005-1389
Yang-Zhou Factory 施棋榮David +86-186-6519-6580
Guang-Zhou 蕭旻峻JJ Xiao +86-186-6519-6585
Shen-Zhen 陳飛宏Marco +86-186-8062-8978
Xia-Men 施棋榮David +86-186-6519-6580
Hong-Zhou 蔡銘儒Benson +86-186-5250-9515
Shanghai 黃伯鑫Roger +86-186-5022-7982
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