Q1. What's the xx in your part number stands for?
For example, taking LL01CR-AOxxL-Mx for example, the xx in front of L stands for the beam angle.
There are six beam are available for this model for Cree XRE, which are 15°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 80°, and oval beam 25°x45°;
and the x after the M refers to the colour of the holder, M1 is black holder, M2 is white holder, and M3 is transparent holder. For insteance, the part number of the oval beam pattern in black holder is LL01CR-AO2545-M1.
Q2. The definition of the angle in Ledlink
The definition of the beam angle (FWHM) is half view, which defines by Energy Star, 50% light intensity.
The definition of the beam angle in Ledlink is in full view, which is 90% of light intensity. Please refer to figure one for reference. There are three colour of curves in this figure, the half angle of these curves are the same, which is 30°; however, the beam patterns of these three are slightly different as the full angle of curve A is 80°, curve B is 60°, and curve C is 50°. For example, the feeling of the beam pattern A is more uniform than beam pattern C; but the beam pattern C will be brighter than beam pattern A. Ledlink would like to enable our customers apply our products more accurately to meet their original expectation.

Q3. Which material you are going to use for the custom design?
Normally we will adapt PMMA (Acrylic) to optimise the efficiency of the lens. However, for certain requirements, such as outdoor application or the lens which requires stronger mechanical strength, we will use PC (Polycarbonate).
Q4. Can your lens pass UL certification?
Yes, The material we have pass UL certification; we can provide you the concrete data for reference. Please contact us for further information.
Q5. Can you do the tooling according to our design (OEM) of the lens or the plastic components? Do you do the mould tooling by yourself or outsource them?
Yes, we can do the tooling for you according to your design. In this case we'll be responsible for the dimensions (within
tolerance range) only instead of the beam pattern and the angle. Certainly we do the plastic components for your lighting fixture as well. Ledlink does the tooling in house 100% and we have advanced tooling facilities in our factory. You may contact us to arrange a factory tour if you are interested.
Q6. What's the data you need to do the custom product?
(a) What is the LED manufacturer and the type you are using or intend to use?
(b) Please provide the MCPCB layout if available
(c) What is the beam angle you need? Please specify it is in half view (50% light intensity) or full view (90% light intensity).
(d) Please pass us the specific optical requirements if available. For example, from certain height to the surface and certain level of lux needs to be generated, etc.
(e) What are the limitations of the diameter and the height the lens?
(f) Please pass us the 2D figure of the heat sink if available as these will help to design the mechanical design of the

Q7. Can you provide the ies file or the MCPCB for your lens?
Yes, we are able to provide you the ies file for our lens according to LEDs; The ies files are available for all our standard
products and you may contact us for further information. In addition, we provide compatible MCPCB for our standard lenses for you to conduct the test. So far our product range is from single lens, 3in1, 4in1, 5in1, 6in1, 7in1, 9in1, 12in1, 15in1, 18in1, 24in1, 36in1, to 60in1. Please contact us for further information and technical support.
Q8. Do you have the product list by LED manufacturers and the LED type?
Yes, we have complete product lists according to LED manufacturers and the LED type. Our catalog lists all our standard lenses and provides you the general idea of the dimensions and the available beam angle. Please contact us for further detail information.
Q9. How can we request for samples? And how many pieces of free samples you are able to provide?
We are glad to provide you the samples for conducting tests and the free samples quantities are varied according to application. For example, for street lights, we are able to provide you up to 100pcs to ensure you are able to create a fixture to conduct tests. Please contact us for surther support and information.
Q10. Is there any MOQ of your standard lenses?
We don't have MOQ for our standard products.
Q11. Do you have any certifications of your factory?
So far Ledlink has be certificated by TUV for ISO9001, and 14001. Please contact us if you need the certification data.