In order to facilitate the evaluation process and reduce the developing time and cost of LED street light application, Ledlink has developed nine types of street light lenses which are compatible with various LED manufacturers. These lenses are designed with different assumed conditions of the road and pole arrangements to optimise both the uniformity and the output lux value. Technical data, such as ies files , datasheets or the assumed installed conditions details is available by request.
1. Installed height of the pole
2. Distance between the poles
3. Arm length
4. Tilt angle
5. Road width
6. Arrangement of the poles.
To achieve energy saving and reduce the gap and the differences between traditional light and LED light source in street lamps, using the rectangular beam projected by secondary lenses, the output lum which generated by LEDs can be ultilised and the efficiency can be optimised.
Customised type lens service is available:
1. Total lead time with 30 days, from design to first trail sample is done
2. Simulation generated by Fred and TracePro according your requirements
3. Both simulated IES file and actual measure angle and IES files
4. Single or multi-lens module with waterproof mechanical design recommendation
5. Asymmetry or symmetry design is available according to your requirements to optimise the cost and efficiency. For example, please refer to below figure for asymmetry and symmetry photometric charts.